Neurodivergent programme at Gosport Leisure Centre

Neurodivergent initiative at Gosport Leisure Centre 

The term "neurodivergent" describes people whose brain differences, affects how their brain works. We know that this means there are different strengths and challenges from people whose brains don't have those difference. These may include learning disabilities and medical conditions.

We want to ensure that everyone is welcome, and comfortable, at Gosport Leisure Centre so we have opened up some new family SEN sessions. Every week we will be running a specific timetable to ensure that everybody can enjoy our facilities. 

If you, or any of your family would like to see the centre before your session we can book in a pre-session tour with the team. Call 02392 534950 to book.

Neurodivergent activities 

At Gosport Leisure Centre we run a range of neurodivergent friendly activities. Each session is designed to have smaller groups compared to our regular sessions, staff trained by Autism Hampshire on site to support and sensory toolkits available for reception. 

The sessions include: 

Pilates teaches you how to use your muscles in a controlled way so that they work in harmony with your breathing. It strengthens the body through movement and is ideal for all levels of fitness 

Friday | 7.00pm - 8.00pm 

Learn more about Pilates 

Active play and bounce
If you are feeling like a high energy activity there is an inflatable course. Our inflatable has soft matting, soft play shapes, hoops and more. 
Saturday | 10.45am - 11.45am 

Learn more about Active Play and Bounce 

Lane swimming*
Our lane Swimming sessions are an important part of providing a perfect environment for those who want to work on their fitness, build stamina or improve their swimming times.
Monday | 3.00pm - 3.45pm 

Family swimming
Our family swimming sessions are perfect for families and young adults to come and enjoy the pool.
Friday half term only. 10.45am - 11.30am 

Swimming lessons
Our swimming lessons teach important life skills including how to be safe in the water, how to swim and work towards badges and certificates each week. 

Wednesday | 5.30pm - 6.00pm
Friday | 3.30 - 4.00pm 

Monday | 6.30pm - 7.00pm 

*Carers come free to lane swimming 

Learn more about swimming

Swimming lessons must be booked over the phone, please call the team on 023 9253 4950

How to book

All sessions can be booked on our website, or over the phone. Please click the button below, call 023 9253 4950, or sign into your Places Leisure account and book on the website. 

Book online today

If you, or any of your family would like to see the centre before your session we can book in a pre-session tour with the team. Enquire on our website or call 02392 534950 to book.

We've teamed up with Hampshire Parent Carer Network to provide a sensory map of Gosport Leisure Centre. 

External view of Gosport Leisure Centre

What to expect

This is Gosport Leisure Centre 

At the leisure centre there are 2 swimming pools. The main pool is 25m long, with 6 lanes and our teaching pool is 12m long.

There is a big gym with a range of gym equipment and two studios. Both of the studios are downstairs.

There is also a sports hall where you can do trampolining, badminton, Active Play and Bounce, and other activities.

Due to the amount of activities there are, the sports hall may look different each time you come to the leisure centre.


Our friendly team

Our friendly placemaker team wear an orange and grey polo top, and are there to help support you with any question, queries or concerns that you may have. 

You will also see other members of the team around the centre, wearing an orange and grey polo top to help manage the staff, help our members and ensure the centre is clean. 

Shop and reception area of Leisure Centre

Entry inside the leisure centre

To enter the changing rooms, you will need to scan your QR code, this can be found on the Places Leisure app under "membership card" or speak to a member of our team to open the turnstiles. 

For swimming lessons you will need to walk down the corridor to the male or female changing rooms, this isn't far from reception.


The changing rooms

We have poolside changing cubicles, showers, and lockers. The changing rooms downstairs need a padlock to use. You can bring your own, or buy one from our friendly reception team you meet on arrival. 

Two Column Generic Lifeguard

The lifeguards

Our lifeguards are on poolside to keep everybody safe. They wear a yellow and red polo shirt and navy coloured shorts. 

The lifeguards also have a whistle. They may blow their whistle but only if there is an emergency or they urgently need to get attention.

They will be either walking around the poolside, or in lifeguard chair.

Swimming pool viewed from starting blocks

The pools

We have two swimming pools. Our main pool is 25m in length. In the shallow end your feet will touch the bottom of the pool.

The teaching is 12m long and is much shallower. Your feet will touch the bottom where ever you are in the pool. 

The water is warmer in the teaching pool.


Active Play and Bounce

The active play and bounce sessions are in the sports hall. They include soft play and inflatables during the session.



The Pilates session is in the studio. This can be found across from the turnstiles in reception. 

There maybe 20 people in this class. The studio is big enough for everybody to enjoy the class with their own space. 

Ground floor sensory map 

First floor sensory map

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