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Tony & Ric's Review of our No Strings Badminton Sessions

Tony's Review

"I joined this badminton group along with a colleague some months ago to find out if my years of playing the sport could be improved.

Firstly, the courts themselves are worthy of praise with excellent wooden flooring and overhead lighting that never interferes with one’s sighting of the shuttlecock. So there is no excuse for failing to give your best efforts on the court if you can.

The members that play here are a delight to partner. They are such a friendly group who never criticise any errors made but give great support to all of us.

We use the modern scoring system of points per winning shot, never worry about the shuttle touching the net on service or concern ourselves too heavily with the finer rules of the game which maintains the best atmosphere for playing well.

The aim is to thoroughly enjoy a good competitive session of the sport and this is where the group shines the most. The standard of players is so entertaining with long rallies featuring in almost every game. One can only admire the skill level of the members which when partnering a better player brings out the best in your own game.

The organisation of games played is another great feature of the group with the session leader pairing up a variety of players to either provide maximum effort to win or to encourage improvement from the not so skilled or agile members.

The feeling at the end of a No Strings session is that you have achieved your best in the company of some of the friendliest players around who just enjoy the sport for what it is."

Ric's Review

"This is a very mixed ability group, run by a very charming, competent young man.  The age range is great from young new players to very senior players.  The wonder is how well we all get on both on and off the court.  There is always someone to encourage or pass on a tip or two, this is complimented by the leader who will give free coaching sessions when appropriate.  I cannot praise this group of players enough.

The venue is also excellent, courts are well lite, good court surface and pleasant informative and professional staff, this starts from the reception right though to the trainers and admin staff.

The sessions are run in a relaxed but competitive way, with the leader assessing players abilities and matching with playing partners to ensure where possible the games are competitive and challenging.  There are two courts for the first half hour and a third is added for the last hour.  Games also tend to finish close together where possible to ensure a good mix of playing partners can be achieved. 

Personally, I joined with a good friend to change our game, to play a board range of skill levels and to add another fitness session into our week.  This has superseded my expectations on all fronts.  Yes, sometimes not everyone can attend each week but there that is also one of the appeals as you just do not know who you will play.  My friend and I play with a different group on a Monday and have done so for many years, No Strings has enriched our game and made it fresh again. 

Another positive aspect of the No Strings session for me is a break from looking after my wife, who suffers from mental illness and yes I have to ensure she has someone with her while I attend playing sessions, this allows me to feel free and through good exercise workouts, I am better able to cope with my domestic arrangements.  So No Strings is also good for mental well being as well as the physical and social elements of the sessions.  For me, it has been incredibly beneficial.  I had to give up a badminton session on a Saturday morning due to lack of cover for my wife but No strings has compensated for this.  I really look forward to Thursday evenings and wish I could attend other sessions, hopefully in time this will be possible.

I would recommend this group to any player looking to have fun and meet some wonderful people."

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