Exercise Works Wonders for Stanley

Read on to see how our Exercise on Referral Scheme has benefited 85 year old Stanley

When Stanley first joined us in our Chair Based Exercise classes, he could only walk with the aid of his trolley. He then joined our Exercise on Referral scheme & his mobility has greatly improved- he is now able to walk with sticks & has managed to walk 20 metres pushing our sled, which weighs 20kg.


We asked Stanley to give us feedback on his experiences; here’s what he had to say:

How has the Exercise on Referral Scheme benefited you?

“The scheme has been so good. Before, I struggled to get out of the chair, now I can walk 20 metres pushing 20kg- I never thought I’d do that! The scheme has helped strengthen my legs & my core & helps with falls at home. I can now walk with sticks as well as my “pram” (trolley).”

How have you found the scheme & staff?

“All the staff are very good & have more than progressed me. I would recommend this to anyone.”


Thanks to the suggestion by Stanley & his wife, Janet, we have been able to set up our Aqua Therapy sessions. Here’s Stanley’s feedback on these sessions:

“The pool is “top”- I get my legs moving more & I’m doing the backstroke. It gives me my independence back.”

older gentleman throwing slam ball over shoulder whilst sat down accompanied by fitness instructor

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