Parkinson's Move & Shout

12 week programme



Places Leisure in collaboration with Parkinson's UK, offers a specialised 12-week physical activity program designed for individuals with Parkinson's disease. Our programs take place in our centre environment and aim to promote physical fitness, mobility, and overall well-being for participants. Additionally, our program aims to raise awareness and understanding of Parkinson's disease within the local community.


Our Parkinson's Move & Shout Physical Activity program is tailored to address the specific needs of individuals living with Parkinson's disease. It provides targeted physical activity sessions with the goal of improving participants' quality of life, enhancing motor skills, and fostering a supportive community.


Our program consists of 12 weekly physical activity sessions, which encompass a variety of activities such as group exercise classes, table tennis, and gym-based exercises. To further encourage participation, all program participants receive complimentary 12-week gym-only memberships. This includes an initial appointment with a Level 3 Exercise Referral instructor for exercise prescription, as well as regular touch points at weeks 1, 6, and 12 to provide ongoing support and guidance (terms & conditions apply).



Dates and times

  • Coming this Spring

How to register

To register on to this course, please fill out your details in the form below.


Once we receive your referral a member of our team will shortly be in touch with more information, and to begin your onboarding journey.



"Being part of this intervention has introduced me to a community of understanding individuals who are facing similar struggles. We motivate each other, share stories, and provide emotional support. It's like having a second family." - Michael, program participant.

"This intervention has been a game-changer for me. Not only has it improved my physical abilities, but it has also lifted my spirits. I feel more optimistic and have a renewed sense of purpose." - Sarah, program participant.

"Thanks to the program, I feel more confident and capable of managing my Parkinson's symptoms. I can now walk without assistance and perform tasks that were once challenging." - John, program participant.

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