Sh' Bam Class Review by Christina

Give it a go!

Sh' Bam Class Review by Christina

Hi, I’m Christina. I work at Places Leisure Ripley. I have been a member since I was 16 years old and have trained with my mum ever since. I loved the classes that much that I got a job helping to motivate people to start their fitness journeys.

When ever a new class starts, I always give them a go. You’ve got to try it once to see if it’s for you or not! So, I decided a few weeks ago to give Sh’ Bam a go!

Sh’ Bam is something that I definitely did not think would be for me. I had been told that it was dancey, sort of like Zumba which doesn’t normally appeal to me. It was only when the instructor told me that it was nothing like Zumba and that I’d only be able to explain it if I came and gave it a go. I thought It’s only 45 minutes how bad could it be?

What is it?

Featuring simple but seriously hot dance moves sh’bam is the perfect way to shape up and let out your inner star even if dance isn’t your natural thing. Set to a soundtrack of chart-topping popular hits it is the ultimate fun and sociable way to exercise.

First impressions

I walked into the Thursday morning’s class at Alfreton not really knowing what to expect. There were a few people having a chat before the class started so I thought it would be quite relaxed as everyone was really sociable. Steph, the instructor came in and asked if anyone was new.

I raised my hand and she came over and explained that she would demonstrate the moves at the front and all I had to do was follow her as each track has different routines and moves from salsa to hip hop. You need just relax and have fun.

15 minutes in

As I mentioned I am not a dancey person but the atmosphere in the room was amazing! Everyone was at different levels; smiling and just having fun! You are constantly moving with shimmying and swinging your hips to beat!

There were a few regulars that are professional dancers who stood at the front, so it was quite handy having them to follow, as well as the instructor who is strutting her stuff at the front.
At first however, I was rather tense as I am quite a self-conscious person but after realising that no one was looking at me as they were to busy enjoying themselves that I began to lighten up and just go with the flow, which made the class so much more enjoyable!

30 minutes in

As the class progresses so does the speed and the movements! More spins get thrown in and you’re cantering to find a partner! Shouting “hey hey” as you clap across the room! You defiantly know your working hard with the sweat pouring from you! But you’re still looking your best as you shake your hips and twirl across the dance studio to the hip hop beat! You feel great as you’ve done a bit of salsa with Liam Payne to hip hop with Jennifer Lopez!

The stretching

After 45 minutes of dancing the morning away you’re ready for a stretch. These are done to the beat of the music as you slowly repeat the dance moves you flew through earlier (but didn’t realise at the time as you’re that busy concentrating on the instructor’s feet).

Review time

I give these classes a 4/5.

It just goes to prove that if you’re having fun you don’t care how you look in this class!  It really is for anyone, from professional dancers to novices like me who would never set foot on the dance floor!
The instructor is there to help you and improve your dancing and fitness ability and you can tell she loves what she is doing as she is smiling and laughing the whole way through! Which just helps you enjoy yourself more!
The atmosphere is lively, and everyone is there to socialise and just have fun!

So, if dancing isn’t really your cup of tea, I would still recommend you give this class ago!

Give it a try!

Our Sh'Bam class runs twice a week:

Wednesday = 7:00-7:45 PM
Thursday = 9:30-10:15 AM

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