Consistently Outstanding Customer Service

Alfreton Wins The Award For Customer Team Of The Year Award

Alfreton Leisure Centre has been awarded Customer Team Of The Year for our company, Places Leisure

At our annual Leadership Conference Awards, Alfreton walked away with the Customer Team of the Year Award – This recognition is for a centre that delivers the most consistent and outstanding experience – in simple terms the centre that our customers would choose to win. 

The award took into consideration NPS for memberships, swim lessons and also Places Pulse. And, as mentioned during the award presentation: The front of house team at Alfreton have proved themselves to be one of the most proactive and welcoming teams. Alfreton consistently deliver a tremendous experience for their customers; it is a real team effort.

What's more, Alfreton were nominated for Team Of The Year Award at our company Star Awards in Edinburgh last week. 

We are so proud and grateful to have won this award, and we look forward to creating even more outstanding experiences for every single one of our visitors to the centre! 



Furthermore, we love to hear about your experiences at our Place and we welcome any feedback on our site and services.