Creating active communities

We primarily work with Local Authority partners who engage us to deliver health and physical activity outcomes, rather than simply be an operator of facilities. At Places Leisure our expertise has the breadth and depth that enables us to have a transformational effect upon communities and the places they use to be active.  

Our gym, class and pool workouts develop stamina, strength, power, core stability and flexibility through a series of carefully designed programmes, designated zones and qualified instructors.

Of course, the gym, a class or a lap in the pool are not for everyone; for many being active is about playing or learning to play sport. Developing physical literacy in young children or a life skill such as being able to swim for instance are also significant and ongoing commitments for us. Especially since a physically active child is more likely to become an active adult.

Here at Places Leisure, we recognise that to fulfil our mission of creating active places and healthy people we need to engage with communities in the community and not just within the four walls of our leisure facilities. As such we invest time and effort into strategic outreach programmes that are designed to engage with groups, key agencies and other providers in an effort to ‘join-up’ the sports, fitness and health landscapes and to maximise the opportunities for local people.

We are proud of our reputation within the leisure industry for getting people active and were the first leisure operator to achieve Quest Stretch 'Outstanding' for Sports Development (now Active Communities).