Active Minds Programme

Our 12-week project

Each of our centres offer various sessions and programmes that help to support the community that surrounds them. The Active Minds programme held at Maltby Leisure Centre, does just that.

The Active Minds programme helps to support participants to lead healthier lifestyles. The 12-week programme includes one-to-one sessions with a wellbeing instructor to help build their confidence. The main aim is to offer support for those who may be new to the gym or need guidance getting started on their health journeys.

We spoke to Joanne, who has started at Maltby Leisure Centre under their Active Minds programme. She begun on the programme after suffering a road traffic accident a few years ago which resulted in her not having complete use of her legs and a cold numb feeling occurring occasionally. “I went through the doctor's and got the support I needed.”

“Going abroad showed me that I could still swim, and I was happy that I could still exercise despite my limitations. However, upon returning I found it quite daunting as I was not aware if leisure facilities had the correct equipment that could support me in accessing the pool. Mick & Jenna at Maltby Leisure Centre put me at ease right away; they showed me the pool and the steps for access, and even recommended some pool shoes to help with my grip.”

As part of the programme, participants are entitled to a 12-week Premium membership, as well as a personal support journey made up of one-to-one sessions and a follow up review. Once the 12 weeks are completed, a review will take place to discuss any long-term goals to see if any further support is required.