Our swimwear policy

A friendly reminder before you go swimming

Appropriate swimwear

Appropriate swimwear for adultsAppropriate swimwear - Young Children

Medical swimwear

Hammond shortie dry suits/ dry suit sleeves allow children and adults with a PICC line (Hickman Line) or medical equipment that must not get wet, to participate in open swim sessions and lessons. Users must shower in the shortie dry suit prior to entering the pool.

Cath dry dressings may be worn by adults with central venous catheters. This should be done with medical approval and close-fitting rash vest (or equivalent) should be worn over the top.

Inappropriate swimwear

Includes the following: Underwear, or any garment with obscene or offensive pictures or slogans. Denim or heavy garments, including cotton leggings, long flowing clothes and baggy t-shirts. 

Swimwear which is not made from chlorine-resistant materials may be damaged. We would advise that weak, non-swimmers or those in swimming lessons wear close-fitting swimwear (i.e. swimming trunks or a full swimsuit) to aid their learning experience. Places Leisure reserves the right to determine whether swimwear is appropriate. 

Suitable swim aids

Swimming aids (fins and hand paddles) can be used in lane swimming or instructor led sessions. Swimming aids must be designed and suitable for swimming pool use and must not pose a risk of injury to swimmers. The following are examples of suitable swim aids: 

Suitable swim aids, fins and paddles

Pool hygiene

  • All swimmers are requested to shower and use toilet facilities prior to swimming.
  • Customers who have suffered from sickness and/or diarrhoea must not swim until symptom free for 48 hours or 14 days if diagnosed by a GP with Cryptosporidium.
  • Swim nappies must be worn by children not yet toilet trained.