Gym FAQs

What is our junior policy?

11-15 year olds can access the gym during Fitness team supervised sessions and once initial induction & programme cards have been received they can come along to the gym anytime.

Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult aged 18+ who is either a parent, guardian or sibling, ratio max 4 junior members per adult.

What do I need to know about Junior Gym etiquette?

  • A gym introduction must be completed before using the gym
  • You must attend with an adult aged 18yrs or over outside of Fitness team supervised Junior Gym sessions
  • 1 adult (18yrs+) can attend with up to 4 Junior members and is responsible for the Junior member’s conduct
  • You must follow all exercise programme advice given by our Fitness team

What are the qualifications of our PT teams? 

Our teams are highly skilled & qualified, completing both externally recognised training as well as internal training before delivering Personal Training.  All our trainers are either registered exercise professionals (REPs) level 2 or 3 or Chartered Institute for the management of sport and physical activity (CIMSPA) Practitioners.

What is our gym introduction process? Why do we have it? 

We pride ourselves on offering all gym users have a session with a member of our team to go through safe & effective use of the equipment.  Every Olympian has a coach, make sure you utilise ours! We understand that some customers already feel familiar with gyms – and whilst we recommend an introduction – it is optional. We will always ask you to sign our Health Commitment statement.

What do I need to know about gym etiquette? 

  • If a member of the team isn't in the gym, you can find support and assistance at reception
  • Help us keep the gym clean by wiping down equipment after use
  • In the event of an emergency, please press the emergency alarm
  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the activity that you’re doing
  • Lifting bare foot or in socks is permitted on lifting platforms only
  • Use lockers for bags
  • During busy times, please mindful of the length of time you spend on each piece of equipment to allow other gym users to complete their workout

Thank you!