Classes FAQs

Your questions about our classes answered

What is the booking policy? 

Our Premium, Gym and Swim only members can book class places 2 weeks in advance (online & onsite).  Customers with a Places Membership can book up to 8 days in advance from your session start time.

What are virtual classes? 

Virtual group workout offers you the chance to work out with master trainers when you want to.

What do I need to know about class etiquette?

It’s important that you arrive on time, playing a part in the warm-up reduces the risk of injury  and our instructors like to say hi, especially to our new visitors.  We’d also ask you to wear appropriate clothing.

How do I cancel classes, what is our cancellation policy? 

To give everyone an opportunity to attend a class and to keep them full for all of you we ask customers to give us as much notice as possible.

Why is spin called group cycling?

Spin is a registered trademark assigned to one make of group cycling bike.  If we don’t have those specific bikes we can’t use the name.