Booking FAQs

All you need to know about our booking system

How far in advance can I book sessions?

Premium, Gym and Swim members can book 15 days in advance of the start time of the session. Places members can book a 8 days in advance from the start time of your session.

Classes become available online in real-time throughout the day, there is no 'golden time' when all classes become available at once. Please don’t wait up until midnight!

The diagram below shows how early you can book depending on your membership type. Being in a class won’t jeopardise your chance of booking that same class in subsequent weeks.

Premium, Gym and Swim members can book 15 days in advance from the start time of the session.

Places members can book 8 days in advance from the start time of your session.

What do I need to do to use the booking system?

You can book in our member area or by downloading the Places Tracker app.  Please use the email address linked to membership record as your username, this is how we know who you are and the centre that you use. Please visit our guide for help with registering.

If you haven’t registered yet, but we hold your email address (members, for example) you'll be asked to register when you when you first book.

If we don’t hold your email address, please contact the team at the centre who will be happy to add it to your account. 

Can you tell me a little more about the Places Tracker app?

For news of the Places Tracker features, home workout content in our Virtual Studio and how to download it, please visit the page below.

Find out more about Places Tracker

What are the features within booking?

  • ‘Notify me’ – Is a class, gym or swim session fully booked?  We’ll notify you via email when a space becomes available. It’s first come, first serve after that. We really appreciate you cancelling classes you can’t make and this feature gives us the best opportunity to fill that space.
  • ‘Quick book’– Book & check-out in just two clicks! This option displays when classes are free to you as part of your membership. Just choose ‘Book now’ and look out for the ‘Quick book’ button.
  • Rebook – If you go to the same classes every week, rebook is perfect for you! Simply go to ‘My bookings’, and click on the button to the right of the class you booked last time.
  • Easier multiple bookings – Add up to 10 activities to your basket and book in one go!
  • Filters – Find the activities that matter to you, even faster! Whether that’s the type of class, the intensity, the time, or simply what’s available. Select ‘Book now’ and the filters are right there – you can even name your filter and save it to use another time.
  • Remember your payment details – Paying for a class? You’ll now have the option to save your card details, instead of entering them for every booking. 

How does ‘notify me’ work?

Notify me is shown once you are logged in to your member area.  It is optional, and the notification is purely for the class you are interested in. You can apply multiple notifications.  The email notification is sent once a space is available and that email will allow you to opt-out of notifications for that class if you are no longer interested.  The email is sent from - we wouldn’t want it landing in spam or junk folders, so we recommend saving this email as a contact or a safe sender. You may need to check with your email provider on how you apply this.

Are there any other booking rules I should know?

Based on your feedback, we have a 2 hour cancellation window. This gives those of you that couldn’t book onto full classes a chance to attend. Any cancellations that take place over 2 hours before the class begins won't incur a late cancellation charge. However, if you cancel less than 2 hours before the class, there is a £2.50 late cancellation charge.

There is also a no show charge of £2.50 for simply not attending a class.  These are in place to ensure all customers have the best opportunity to attend sessions.

How do I cancel my class?

The new booking system gives you complete control 24/7, and you will be able to cancel from your mobile phone or PC just by logging in. You can also cancel by speaking to the reception team or by ringing the centre.

We’d always ask for you to give us as much notification as possible if you cancel, so that other customers can attend the class. 

Below is a summary of the charges.

Class/activity (Free as part of membership)

Cancelled more than 2 hours from start of class: NO Charge

Late cancellation (cancelled less than 2 hours of start of class): £2.50*

"No show" class not attended: £2.50*

*Booking rights suspended until payment received

Class/activity (Chargeable)

Cancellation: Full price of class

"No show" class not attended: Full price of class

Why is the cancellation window 2 hours? 

Based on customer feedback, we feel 2 hours is reasonable notice to cancel and it allows other customers enough time to discover the new space and get to the class. 

A copy of the terms and conditions will be available when you first book.

How do I register my attendance at a class to avoid ‘no show’ charges?

Registering your attendance at a class will avoid any ‘no show’ charges being applied to your account.  Across our sites there are two ways of doing this, the first of which is a visit to reception, the second is by checking in (swiping your card) at one of our self-service terminals. The majority of our centres offer both.

Please check back for updates regularly – answers to any popular questions will be added here.