Sheffield Saver Plus Card

Save 30% on casual gym & fitness classes

Get 30% off activities with our Sheffield Saver Plus Card - Check eligibility today 

The Sheffield Saver Plus card has replaced the Sheffield City Councils SliceCard. Other than the name change, the discounts available remain the same. A Sheffield Saver Plus card can be used at Graves Health and Sports Centre, Thorncliffe Health and Leisure Centre, Wisewood Sports Centre and SIV sites. 

The Sheffield Saver Plus card is available to anyone who want's to become more active but struggles to afford leisure activities. If you are eligible for the scheme you can access swimming, the gym or fitness classes at a 30% reduced rate and can join the scheme for free. Just bring along your proof of eligibility.

Sheffield Saver Card Plus can be used at any Places Leisure operated site plus Concord Sports Centre, Ponds Forge ISC, Springs Leisure Centre, English institute of Sport - Sheffield, Heeley Pool and Gym, Westfield Sports centre and Hillsborough Leisure Centre. Places Leisure venues will also accept the Sheffield City Trust LifeCARD Plus.

What activities are discounted?

Sheffield Saver Plus Card Discount

                                           Standard Price                              Sheffield Saver Card Plus Price
Casual Swimming                £5.00                                                   £3.00
Casual Gym Sessions           £7.00                                                  £4.90
Fitness Classes 30 mins      £5.50                                                  £4.00
Fitness Classes 1 hour        £6.50                                                   £4.60

If you are eligible for a Sheffield Saver Card Plus your discount will be free. However, if you aren't eligible but still want a discount you can purchase our normal Sheffield Saver Card for £5 a year, this card will give you up to 20% off. For more details call us on 0114 233 5457.

Are you eligible?

If you have one or more of the benefits or entitlements below you will be eligible to receive a 30% discount on casual swimming, casual gym sessions and fitness classes in Sheffield. Please note: Children (under 17) of families qualifying under the criteria above will also be entitled to the discount

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Qualifying income-related benefits:

*       Income Support

*       Income based Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)

*       Income Related Employment Support Allowance (ESA)

*       Pension Credit

*       Working Tax Credit

*       Universal Credit

*       Housing Benefit

Qualifying disability entitlement:

*       Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

*       Personal Independence Payment (PiP)

*       Blue Badge Holders

*       Attendance Allowance

*       War Disablement Pension

*       Disabled Person Bus Pass

*       Severe Disablement Allowance

Other qualifying entitlement

*       Children looked after by the Local Authority

*       Young Carers (must have a letter from school, GP or Young Carers Network to demonstrate qualification)

*       Care Leavers (must have a letter from the Leaving Care Service to demonstrate qualification)