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Feel like getting active but don't want a membership?

Don't worry, you can use our pay-as-you-go service. Just show up and book at reception. 

Pay As You Go Prices at Wisewood

Gym Prices 

Adult Gym (Non-Member) - £7.00 

Junior Gym - £5.00

Fitness Class Prices

Classes 1 hour - £8.00

Classes 30/45 mins hour - £8.00

You can book your classes online. All you have to do is sign up for our FREE Places Membership. Or you can book classes at the reception. 

Sheffield Saver Discount

If you have a Sheffield Saver Card you can get our casual sessions at a discounted rate. If you would like to learn more give us a call on 0114 283 9900.

Sheffield Saver Cards cost £5 (annually) or you can apply for a Sheffield Saver Plus Card for free if you are eligible. Check here to see if you are eligible.  

Sheffield Saver Card Plus can be used at any Places Leisure operated site plus Concord Sports Centre, Ponds Forge ISC, Springs Leisure Centre, English institute of Sport - Sheffield, Heeley Pool and Gym, Westfield Sports centre and Hillsborough Leisure Centre. Places Leisure venues will also accept the Sheffield City Trust LifeCARD Plus.

Sheffield Saver Card Prices

Adult Gym £6.40

Classes 1 hour - £5.50

Classes 30/45 mins - £4.60

FREE Places Membership

You might be new to exercise, and this gives you a chance to use our place on a pay as you go basis.  Our timetables detail the pay as you go prices.  

All Places Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Do you love classes?  8 days advanced booking means you can get to your favourite class – and maybe try some new ones.
  • Our Places Locker App is free - it provides new workouts, challenges to take part in and quick access to online bookings.  Plus, you can pair it with a range of different exercise ‘wearables’ so you can track just how active you are.
  • If you'd like to use the gym, our introduction is just 15 minutes – our way of saying hello and getting you started. We recommend it, we know some of you just want to get going so we do make it optional. We also offer Your Journey for £40, giving you three 1-on-1 sessions in the gym with a member of our fitness team - a great way to get you started on hitting your goals. Elite athletes have a coach so why not use ours? 
  • If you choose to opt into our marketing emails, we will send you great offers (for when you are ready to take out a subscription membership and start saving!) 
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