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Junior Gym Sessions

We believe a physically active child is much more likely to become a physically active adult. We run the following supervised sessions for children aged 11-15 years to attend:

  • These sessions are £5 per person pay as you go. On a Monday and Wednesday. We also run sessions on a Saturday morning between 10.15 - 11.15am. 
  • Free to Junior Members.
  • 3.30pm to 4.25pm every day, with a full induction required.



All junior gym users must complete a group introduction before using the gym independently. These sessions last 30 minutes and can be booked with a member of our team when joining. 

Once a junior member has completed their introduction and received programme advice they can attend outside the above supervised sessions with a parent/guardian or appropriate adult (16+) on a ratio of a maximum four juniors per adult.

If you visit the gym regularly you could save money with a membership.

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