Warm Spaces

Supporting our community in winter

During the current climate we understand how difficult it can be to keep our homes heated. We want to support you as best we can, that's why we're making Wolverhampton Swimming and Fitness Centre a 'Warm Space/Hub'.

What can I expect from a Warm Space?

  • A warm welcome
  • A safe, non-judgemental space
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cleaning facilities such as showers
  • Information on local resource, hot lines and staff available to listen to any of your concerns

Wolverhampton will be offering a Warm Space during the opening hours below:

  • Mon: 6.15am - 10pm
  • Tue: 6.15am - 10pm
  • Wed: 6.15am - 10pm
  • Thu: 6.15am - 10pm
  • Fri: 6.15am - 10pm
  • Sat: 7am - 6pm
  • Sun: 7am - 9pm