Your newly refurbished gym

Now open and ready to welcome you!

Good news - our newly refurbished gym is now open and ready to welcome you!

What's new?

Here's the range of brand new equipment we have installed...

Selection 700 Shoulder Press

The brand new shoulder press replicates the overhead press in the frontal plane and is ideal to build muscles on the deltoids, triceps and upper trapezius.

Selection 700 Low Row

Build strength in the upper body muscles in a safe, effective way from a comfortable, ergonomic sitting position. Use this to activate the latissimus dorsi, biceps, posterior deltoids and trapezius muscles.

Olympic Half Rack

A sleek walk-through designed, durable piece of equipment with multi-angle chin handles and an integrated barbell storage holder. This machine is great for squats to target the gluteus muscles and quadriceps.

Pure Strength Linear Leg Press

This replicates the pushing movement of the lower body, with a constant load profile, and is ideal to build muscle on the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus muscles.

Added extras

We've also increased the number of some of our popular machines, including...

Excite Live Climb 10 HP

We're introducing an additional stair climber - easy for beginners, challenging for the fittest. This offers an exciting workout that'll keep you wanting for more. One step after another, you will ascend beyond your limits.

Stages Cycle

Additional bikes will increase the capacity of our Group Cycling classes. The bikes allow a smooth ride, whilst being completely adjustable to suit your physical needs. 

Cable Crossover

Achieve a full body workout with this classic among gym equipment. The cable crossover offers flexibility and variety in your workout, consisting of two adjustable pulleys, each with its separate weight stack, along with a multi-angled pullup bar.

Get in touch

If you have a query regarding our new gym equipment, feel free to give us a call on 01992 716733