Ramadan 2023

Supporting you this holy month

If you're fasting for Ramadan, we have extended our opening hours to help better accommodate your needs, we will also be posting frequent advice and tips on Facebook, and our fitness instructors can help you keep active and healthy during the holy month. Alternatively, you have the option to freeze your membership for free. If you would like to do so, please complete your details below.



Extended opening hours!

We have extended our mixed gym opening hours to accommodate those fasting for Ramadan.

We are here to support you this holy month, from Friday 27th March - Friday 22nd April our opening hours will be extended on weekdays until 12.00am (from 10.00pm - 12.00am only mixed gym and toilets will be open, the changing rooms will also be closed)

Supporting your fitness journey.

Fuelling your body is a crucial part of any health journey. No matter what path you’re on, everyone needs the energy provided from proper nutrition to fuel their health journey. Ramadan is a very special religious observation for Muslims around the world – a time of reflection, prayer, and self-improvement. But when it comes to fitness, those who take part in Ramadan must be flexible and make changes to their usual routine to stay on track.

We answered some of your most asked questions:

Can or should I exercise during Ramadan?
Absolutely yes! It is important for everyone to engage in fitness and during Ramadan in particular, it can provide you with better sleep and more energy in the day.

What are the best times for exercise during Ramadan?
It is recommended to engage in exercise before Suhur (Pre-Dawn/Sunrise) and after Iftar (Post-Sunset). More specifically, after the Taraweeh prayers at night, when adequate water and meals have been consumed to help during your workout. We recommend planning your workouts ahead of time so that you can prepare.

What kind of exercise should be done?
Slow or moderate exercises such as brisk walks, slow jogging, cycling, cross training and light machine exercises at the gym are great options. High intensity exercises should be avoided, particularly if you have yet to break the fast. If you feel weak, dizzy, or sick then do not continue training. The key is to listen to your body and be sure not to overload your workouts. Doing any exercise at all is good, drop resistance and add more weight if needed.

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Ramadan Mubarak everyone!