We're teaming up with Lawrence house

Donate items to support those in need this winter

We are teaming up with Lawrence House, our local homeless housing association for young, vulnerable adults between now and Christmas. We are supporting them by collecting donations in order to create care packages.

You can learn more about Lawrence Housing and their mission here https://hinckleyhomeless.com/

If you would like to support us and in turn Lawrence Housing, we are taking donations for all of the below unused items

- Male care pack (e.g shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, bic razors, hair brush, nail file/scissors)
- Female care pack (e.g all of the above with the addition of sanitary products)
- Cleaning products (e.g j cloths, sponges, washing liquid, polish)
- Single duvets
- Pillows

Lawrence House will accept the below used items provided they're still in good condition

- Towels
- Duvet covers
- Pillow cases
- Bed sheets