Aquatic Activity for Health

Improving your wellbeing

We will be running a water-based physical activity programme designed for individuals with mild to moderate health conditions.

Water-based exercise can help people with chronic diseases in a variety of different ways. The upward force, called buoyancy, helps to take pressure off of the joints. This transforms normal movement into smoother actions, keeping it low impact. The water resistance also enhances body awareness, which can assist with maintaining proper posture and a sense of movement within space during activity.

There are a range of exercise options, nutritional advice and ongoing support available, along with an exit strategy that allows individuals to continue enjoying the long term health benefits of being physically active.

Benefits of the scheme
  • Ongoing support with our fully qualified Institute of Swimming Level 4 Instructors, in line with the latest industry developments.
  • Improve your health and wellbeing
  • Reduce pain
  • Meet new friends
  • Access to a support network
Inclusion criteria

This programme is aimed at individuals who are currently sedentary and have either:

  • Risk factors for coronary heart disease
  • Non-clinical mental health conditions
Dates and prices
  • Thursday 4th October to Tuesday 8th November
  • 11.45am-12.45pm

£25.00 for the full length of the programme

How to apply

For more information and to enrol, please contact Mike on