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Sports at Loddon Valley Leisure Centre

From booking a court with friends or learning a sport for the first time our centre has something that’s right for you. We work hard with the National Governing Bodies of a number of sports to fill our facilities with ideas that are fun and engaging.  

Most of our sports are available to book online.

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Badminton works your entire body as your legs are moving you round the court and your upper body helps you to hit the perfect return so it's a great all round workout. You can play at different levels too so those wanting a lower intensity rally can catch up on the chat at the same time, but for others a competitive game may be the way forward.

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The world's most popular sport, football provides a great workout and improves overall fitness, coordination and stamina. 

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Walking Netball

Walking Netball is a slower paced, low impact format of the game ideal for all ages and abilities, and is the perfect way to remain involved with the game and meet new people, all whilst staying active. 

Our Walking Netball sessions are designed to be fun and flexible, and largely follow the same formats as any other netball session, including a warm-up, mini-games and drills followed by a friendly game!

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Offering all round improved fitness, tennis also improves mental alertness and hand-eye co-ordination.  Playing doubles is great for social life and a chance to polish up your communication skills.

Tennis is included within the Premium membership offering.

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Our sports clubs

There are a number of sports clubs at Loddon Valley Leisure Centre that are always on the lookout for new members.

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