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The most important thing to us is making sure our members feel welcome and supported throughout their fitness journey, nothing makes us more proud than to hear than a member’s success story! One of our members, Lisa, has asked to share her story, with the hope of encouraging others to start their own journey. “If you set your mind to it, you can achieve your goals”.

Before starting her fitness journey in February 2022, Lisa had always struggled with managing her weight, particularly after having 2 children. She would occasionally go to the gym and do exercise classes but struggled to stay consistent.

Lisa explained “my weight started to affect my whole life. I had no confidence to make friends or in general didn’t want to communicate with anyone which made me very lonely. I wouldn’t look in the mirror and gave up on my appearance completely.”

She also noticed her physical health decline, with knee, ankle, leg, and back pain while doing everyday activities like visiting the park with her children.

Member success story at Leiston Leisure Centre

Getting started…

Lisa took the first step towards her fitness journey one morning by buying herself some gym wear that she felt comfortable in. Starting with attending the gym, she decided she was going to make a change.

Lisa told us how she felt taking that first step; “I remember walking in there for the first time feeling so nervous and embarrassed of my size and looking around to see if anyone was looking at me, but no one was paying any attention at all.”

It’s extremely common to feel nervous or overwhelmed when first joining the gym for the first time, but our friendly staff are always on hand to give you an induction and help you feel at ease. We also have personal trainers who can give you extra, tailored support through your journey.

Pushing yourself…

After a few sessions building confidence in the gym, Lisa decided to push herself to try something new by participating in one of our group workout classes – Les Mills Core with instructor, Wendy. 

Lisa’s nerves were put at ease when Wendy welcomed her into the class, reassuring her that she would be able to participate to an intensity that suits her fitness level, by choosing easier versions of each of the exercises. This reassured Lisa during her first few classes, and she set herself the goal of eventually being able to complete the classes to the highest level of intensity.

The results…

Nearly 2 years on, Lisa is absolutely smashing her goals and has lost an incredible 10 stone and is now the happiest she has ever been! Lisa has truly fallen in love with exercise, visiting us up to 6 times a week, whilst recognising the importance of being able to take a day off when it’s needed. She has also met some incredible, supportive friends at Leiston Leisure Centre.

I am so lucky to have had such amazing support from absolutely everyone at Leiston Leisure Centre. We have 2 amazing instructors, Hayley and Wendy, and their words of encouragement has been one of the main reasons I have carried on.” “The staff in the gym have been friendly and welcoming since day one.” 

The future…

Lisa still has more weight she would like to lose, and more strength she would like to gain, and most importantly: enjoying the process!

On a mission to help others who think they can’t do the same, Lisa is now working towards her Level 2 and 3 gym qualifications, with the goal to become a Personal Trainer and fitness instructor.

Looking back over the past 2 years, Lisa says I would not be able to imagine how far I have come. It’s completely changed my life, and if I can do it, so can anyone. Thank you to everyone at Leiston Leisure Centre.”

We are so incredibly proud of what Lisa has achieved and how it’s transformed her physical and mental wellbeing. It’s a pleasure to have her as part of our community at Leiston Leisure Centre!

If you are feeling inspired by Lisa’s story, pop down and chat to a member of the team, or browse membership options online.

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