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Level 3 Personal Training Course

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Want to become a Personal Trainer? 

The Level 3 Personal Training course is a 40 hour intensive learning programme which by completing, students will be competent in the assessment of client training needs and application of set methods to meet and achieve training goals and fitness ambitions. 

This course is industry-level appropriate and fit for purpose for those with no previous experience in fitness training and exercise along with those who have an interest in training and want to support both their own training and that of potential clients. It also offers opportunities for those who want to create a new business venture offering physical training services.

The Level 3 Course in Personal Training is a commercial-level qualification aimed at developing the knowledge, understanding and technical skills needed for a career as a Personal Trainer, either employed or self-employed. This qualification has been specifically designed for those who are 18 years and older and appropriate for those who have recently left full-time education together with those who have been out of education for an extended period. The course is founded on national occupational standards for fitness, merging skills and knowledge from personal
training and sport rehabilitation, performance training and long-term care of clients.

Course details 

  • 16th September - 18th November 2023 (10 weeks)
  • Course fee: £1795 
  • Locations: Tooting Leisure Centre and Putney Leisure Centre 

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