Lifeguarding courses at Hinckley Leisure Centre

Here's what to expect!

We run a range of lifeguarding courses at Hinckley Leisure Centre, including NPLQ courses, a Rookie Lifeguarding programme and a Survive & Save programme. All the courses are invaluable in providing you with beneficial lifesaving skills, as well as helping to develop independence, communication, and leadership skills.

So, you're thinking of taking part in one of our courses? Here's what you may expect.

NPLQ courses

NPLQ courses are frequently run during the summer holidays, meaning you can benefit from condensed learning and training: 5 full days, Monday-Friday, with an assessment on Saturday morning. 

The course is split into two- classroom study and pool practice.

The classroom-based half focuses on:

  • Learning CPR and first aid
  • Watching training videos
  • Completing coursework to ensure that knowledge is to a high standard

The pool-based half focuses on learning how to:

  • Turn over a casualty in the water
  • Tow someone to safety
  • Work as a team to lift someone from the water
  • Rescue someone use the spineboard

Its crucial for candidates to be able to put into practice the elements learnt in the classroom into the water. 

You must be 16+ on the date of the assessment to partake in an NPLQ course. 

Pictured below, you can see 6 of our many successful candidates- Amber, Emily, Lorea, Emma, Toby, and Jared- partaking in our NPLQ course. 

Rookie Lifeguarding programme

Our Rookie Lifeguarding programme is aimed at children who wish to learn valuable survival, rescue, and sports skills. 

The course begins at Stage 1 of the Bronze award and progresses to Stage 3 of the Gold award, starting off at an ability suitable for brand new swimmers and progressing to the level where our Rookie Lifeguards will be able to perform several impressive lifesaving skills. 

Rookie Lifeguarding focuses on:

  • Learning and practicing lots of water rescues
  • Performing safe water entries
  • Lifting casualties
  • CPR
  • Casualty aftercare

These basic entry lifeguarding skills will provide the candidate with lots of tools and knowledge to aid them when taking their official lifeguard course in the future- their NPLQ.

For anyone wishing to partake in the Rookie Lifeguarding programme, they will be expected to be able to swim 25m, exit the pool unaided (i.e. without assistance or using the steps) and tread water for 30 seconds whilst wearing shorts and t-shirts, in addition to swimwear. 

From left to right: Amber, Emily, Lorea, Emma, Toby, Alycia and Jared

Survive & Swim programme

Our Survive & Swim programme is the next level up from the Rookie Lifeguarding programme.

The programme awards the participants up through Bronze, Silver and Gold levels to ensure that they get the opportunity to develop their lifesaving skills as they progress through the awards.

There are four award areas to experience, the Medallion Awards, the Beach Awards, the Stillwater.

For anyone wishing to attend the Survive and Save programme, they will be expected to be able to swim 50m, tread water for 2 minutes and exit the pool unaided whilst wearing a long sleeved top and long trousers.

To enquire about any of our lifeguarding courses, call us today on 01455 610011.

Click here for more information on Rookie Lifeguarding at Places Leisure, or visit the RLSS website