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£12.50 per hour for the court.

Please ask at reception if you would like the sports hall lights turned to Badminton mode.

A bit about badminton

Badminton is an easy sport to learn and can be a very social game. The speed of the shuttlecock also makes this one of the quickest racket sports you can play. The game can be played at any pace, making it suitable and enjoyable for all ages.

Badminton works your entire body and requires quick reflexes. You can play either singles or doubles with friends and family. Why not challenge a work colleague to a game..

The game

  • Like tennis, badminton can be played singles or doubles, mixed or same sex.
  • Matches are played to the best of three sets.
  • The sport's governing body, the International Badminton Federation (IBF), has introduced a series of rule changes to make the game faster and more entertaining.
  • Under the old system the first player (or team) to reach 15 points won the set, except in women's singles when the target was 11 points. However both men and women now play up to 21 points. If the score reaches 20-20, the winner is the player or team with a two-point advantage. If the score goes up to 29-29, the winner is the first to reach 30 points.
  • The serve is of huge importance, points used to only be won on your own serve. This has now been changed, so a player or team can win the point without holding serve.
  • A team now has only one serve in doubles, rather than two under the old rules.

In singles, players serve diagonally from one service box to another, alternating between the left and right side of the court as points are won.

The server always serves from the right-hand box at the start of a game and when they have an even number of points.

They serve from the left-hand court when they have an odd number of points.

In doubles, the player on the right always starts the serve and, when a point is won, the players switch sides and the server then serves from the left, continuing to alternate until a serve is lost.

Service action

The shuttlecock must be hit below the server's waist and the racket head must stay below the server's wrist, which means the shot must be played underarm.

The court

Badminton is played indoors, on courts 6.1m wide by 13.4m long.

The net posts are 1.55m high.

Courts should have a clearance of 2m on all sides and a ceiling height of 12m.

No Strings Badminton

  • Every Tuesday & Thursday 10am - 12pm
What is No Strings?

No Strings is a 2 hour badminton session which is open to anyone who wishes to turn up and play. We have 3 courts set up and there is a qualified facilitator on hand to give tips and advice. You do not have to play for the whole 2 hours, you can sit a game out if you need to and then join in the next game.

You can play with like minded people and enjoy the social side of the game. The session is great for your health and a great stress buster.

Everyone is welcome and enjoyable for all abilities.

How to book & the cost

Our sessions are currently bookable due to restricted numbers. Please call us on 01304 201145 option1

Cost - £3.90

Badminton and Places Locker

Places Locker is our app for all things active.  You earn MOVES for all the activity that you complete each week, build training programmes and book courts.  Did you know a one hour badminton session could earn you 1,167 MOVES. 

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