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Personal training isn’t just for celebrities, everyone can benefit from some extra motivation. 

You might have a particular event or goal or you may just want a bit of extra encouragement during your session. Our trainers have different specialisms but are all focused on supporting you through fun and engaging sessions.  Ask a member of the team for more details or call us on 01403 787500.

Meet the fitness team

Whether you are visiting as a member or casual user, our friendly fitness team are happy to help you with any questions you may have. 


About Yasmin... 

During my first job at a gym I was surrounded by Power lifting men and decided if they can do it then so can I! I then fell in love with it and decided to turn a hobby into a career and became a level 3 qualified personal trainer, long COVID recovery programmes and fitness nutrition. Whatever your goal is my aim is to help you reach it whilst actually enjoying the journey.


I love being outdoors and regularly go for long hikes. I also like getting creative in the kitchen with baking and cooking, and I am always making up new recipes.


About Sophie...

I qualified as a personal trainer in 2013 and since then have spent my time helping clients reach their goals. Whether you’re aiming for weight loss/muscle gain, rehabilitation or just to make day to day activities easier, I can help. I hold qualifications in GP Referral for Exercise, Advanced Nutrition for Weight Management, Exercise for those with Parkinson’s, and I am a Level 4 Specialist Postural Stability Instructor. Whatever age and whatever ability, I’m here to help you.


I have always enjoyed outdoor activities and have previously taught kayaking and climbing as well as spending some time over in America, coaching at a summer camp. I like to spend my spare time walking my dog and going camping.


About Ryan...

My love for fitness stemmed from my own athletic career as a sprinter. Through years of training I have had experience in lots of different techniques and use these when training clients to keep the sessions varied and interesting, whilst helping them achieve their goals. If your goal is weight loss, muscle gain or to improve overall fitness I can help you achieve it with my varied knowledge. I am a level 3 personal trainer and an exercise referral instructor.


I have competed in athletics for over 10 years as a 100 meter sprinter competing on a regular basis. I also have a very keen interest in high intensity Circuit training and Boxing as I feel these training methods are both fun and effective. Contact me today to get started!



(Fitness assistant)

About Adam...

I have always had an interest in health and fitness. This started when I was 12 years old, playing football for my local club. This then lead to me being scouted for Brighton FC where I have now been playing for the past five years. The gym has always been a passion of mine and has helped me increase my fitness levels to help with my football.

I suffer from Cerebral palsy and have done for all of my life. The gym has played a massive part in helping me increase my fitness, confidence and improving my quality of life. I hope that I can advise people and help others do the same.

I am currently assisting the fitness team with the daily running of the gym. If you see me in the gym and need any assistance please feel free to ask me!


About Alex... 

I’ve always had an interest in sport which has since turned into an interest in the gym.  From this interest I’ve decided that a career in the gym, helping people achieve their goals is the route I want to take.  I am currently a qualified level 2 Fitness Instructor and I’m completing my Level 3 personal training course.  Helping people achieve their goals has always been a motivation of mine; I’m always available to help. 


Football has always been my main sport of choice; I’ve been playing for 10+ years.  I’ve assisted in numerous training camps for young children and completed some courses on training young children.  I enjoy spending my free time in the gym consistently trying to progress my fitness and achieve my fitness goals. 

 Personal Training Prices

  • PT 30 minute £26
  • PT 30 minute 6 for 5 £130
  • PT 30 minute 10 for 8 £208
  • PT 60 minute £42
  • PT 60 minute 6 for 5 £190
  • PT 60 minute 10 for 8 £304
Get 6 sessions for the price of 5 

To help keep you motivated and see those results fast, we are offering 6 sessions for the price of 5 on both 30 minute and 60 minute sessions. Ask your instructor for details. 

Use the Places Locker app during a Personal Training session and reach your goals faster

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