Active for Health (Cardiac Rehabilitation)

The Active for Health programme is a FREE 12 week exercise pathway for people living with a heart condition (including heart failure) or who have had a cardiac event (such as a heart attack or heart surgery). The programme is delivered by specialist BACPR Cardiac Rehabilitation Instructors and is available to all cardiac and heart failure patients living in Rotherham or under a Rotherham GP.

Benefits of the programme:

  • Feel fitter and stronger
  • Feel more confident to do exercise with your condition
  • Reduce risk of further heart disease and cardiac events
  • Improve mood and reduce anxiety
  • Social interaction and meeting new friends

All patients receive:

  • A FREE funded 12 week exercise programme with social time and hot drink after each class
  • 2 x 30 minute 1-1 consultation with a specialist BACPR instructor who will support clients onto the programme
  • Support throughout to increase active daily living
  • Maintenance class to support being physically active long term 

What does the exercise programme involve?

The weekly class includes a mixture of cardiovascular and strength exercises that are designed to consider your cardiac condition whilst delivering health and fitness benefits. We use a variety of equipment and methods to ensure that you can work at your own level, enjoy your workout and allow you to increase your independence and confidence for everyday activities.

All sessions are supervised by experienced BACPR Cardiac Rehabilitation & Heart Failure instructors.

Classes take place on weekdays at our Rotherham, Aston and Maltby sites.

How to get involved:

Please contact the Healthy Living team on 01709 722567 for more information on how to be referred and secure your free place.