SWIMTAG: Putting the KNOWLEDGE into the TechKNOWLEDGEy.

Fitness trackers are the ever-growing trend sweeping the UK, whether it is monitoring your steps, mapping your run or even seeing how well you have slept. They have become an essential item to our lifestyles, with your phone no longer being the first thing you look at when you wake up. But how many of them can give you comprehensive, ongoing information about your fitness for free? The answer is not many. So, if you are a casual cruiser, lunch break lane swimmer, early morning blitzer or just interested to see your progress in the pool, SWIMTAG is the tool for you.

Not only is SWIMTAG free, but it is also easy to use. You simply swipe, swim, search and all your swimming data will be available to you.

SWIMTAG takes the maths out of swimming as it counts your lengths for you and registers your total distance. No more half lengths or getting out at the deep end, SWIMTAG motivates you to swim further, faster, for longer and you’ll find yourself saying “Just one more length!”

For those wanting more information SWIMTAG also measures:

  •  Split times.
  •  Stroke rate.
  •  Stroke type.

This information is delivered in an easy to follow format as soon as you log in to the SWIMTAG website. If your looking for a bit of competition, then you can join over 13,400 swimmers competing in 742 different challenges for every type of swimmer.

SWIMTAG is also one of the many wearables that can link to your Places Locker App, so you can still register those moves even in the pool.

The proof is not in the pudding, but in the pool, so sign up to our free Places Membership today and grab your first swim for free. Click here

Now what are you waiting for…. SWIMTAG you’re it!