Track it on Places Locker

Fitness tracking on the go!

Our centres being closed has probably made you change the way you stay active. If you're exercising outdoors for the first time in along time, or ever, you'll be pleased to know that Places Locker App has in-built GPS so you can track your walk, run or cycle outdoors. Simply scroll down to 'Outdoor activity tracking' on the home page, choose your exercise type and hit 'Start activity'. You can even add your own Playlist! 

At the end of your exercise you’ll be able to see distance travelled, duration, calories burned, pace and average speed. You’ll get timing breakdowns for each kilometre and if you listen carefully whilst out you’ll get an update each kilometre.

Download Places Locker from the App store​ or Google Play if you don’t have it already. If you’re a member, don’t forget to use the same email address to link it to your account and capture your MOVEs.

Please keep sharing your workout stories (successes and failures) with us by tagging @PlacesLeisure on social media and using our hashtags #FightingFit and #NoPlacesLikeHome