Better Health: Rewards - how to redeem

Redeem your one-day pass and start booking with us!

You have chosen to reward yourself with a one-day Premium membership pass at Wolverhampton Leisure Centre!

Follow the simple steps below to redeem your pass and start using our facilities on offer

Step one –

Visit the ‘log in’ section of our website, select ‘new to us’ and enter your details to create an account, this will then trigger a verification email to be sent to you. Then follow the steps on your verification email which will have been sent to your designated address.

Step two - 

Log in using your brand-new log in details created and select ‘membership options’, choose the ‘Better Health rewards’ options and add to your basket. Click ‘view basket’ and enter your ‘Better Health code’ which will take your basket cost down to £0.00 and will allow you to redeem your 1-day pass.

Step three - 

Enjoy your pass – start booking onto swimming sessions, classes or come along to the gym! Sessions can be booked via the timetable and via our Places locker app which you can download on the app store. For more information on our Places Locker app read the information below.

Second visit? 

If you are coming back to us for another visit and want to redeem another code, you will need to log back in to your existing account and complete the process of adding the 'Better Health rewards' option and enter your new code to reduce the cost to zero again and your one-day pass is good to go...again!  

What is the Places Locker app?

Places Locker is your go-to-fitness partner!

Whether you're at the gym, working from home, walking to school, in your back garden, or anywhere in between! The Places Locker app brings your 'active place', to wherever you happen to be.

You can:

  • Book your activities, swim sessions and classes as required
  • Use your QR membership code as your access into participating centres
  • Track your activity 'moves'
  • Access hundreds of virtual workouts including Les Mills classes refreshed every 12 weeks
  • Pair and sync all of your apps and wearables in one place
  • Sign up for app challenges
  • Access your Places Leisure membership details


Where do I get the app?

Places Locker is available for Apple (iOS) and Android devices.  Simply visit the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for Android and search for 'Places Locker'.

Apple app store badge

Google Play Store badge



I've downloaded the app. Now what?


Where do I find my QR code and why do I need it?

Your QR code is your membership card in digital format.  You can use it to access your full membership number and, scan into some of our selected centres.

To find your QR code, go to the membership area and select 'My QR codes'.

Tell me about the virtual workouts

The Places Locker app contains an entire ‘Virtual Studio’ filled with hundreds of on demand and workouts – bringing your ‘Active Place’ right to you and wherever you happen to be!

Choose from numerous ‘channels’ with workouts from world famous brands like LES MILLS, Technogym and Stages Indoor Cycling, as well as homegrown British brands like FunkFit, Synergy Dance® and Adaptive Yoga Live. With hundreds of classes to choose and something for absolutely every level and ability, we’re sure you’ll find a fun new way to supplement your activity and fitness regime, wherever you happen to be!

What's the Essential Virtual Studio?

While the ‘Virtual Studio’ contains hundreds of no or low-cost classes, you can unlock even more fun and digital content, when you upgrade to our ‘Essential Virtual Studio’!

For £5 per month, you’ll receive up to a 30% discount on Pay-As-You-Go access to livestream workouts from the world’s top trainers, plus over 100 on demand workouts from LES MILLS, refreshed every 12 weeks and, over 50 on demand workouts from our other partners.

Why do I need the Places Locker app?

Our phones are filled with content personal to us – content we need, know and love. From news apps, music apps, weather, banking, shopping and restaurants apps to social media, reminders, and calendars – our phones carry mini snapshots of who we are and what we need with us in one convenient, easy to access place. Places Locker is your fitness app, bringing your Places Leisure membership and specifically targeted, Places Leisure content to your phone.

Here’s just some of the benefits:

Book your classes quickly and easily on the go through Places Locker! When you attend your workout, the system automatically adds your MOVEs to your profile. 

How to book sessions 


Extensive library with digital coaching
With over 2500 different exercises, our Places Locker app has something for everyone. It’s digitally synced to the equipment available at your preferred Places Leisure Centre and will tailor your workout to suit. When using Technogym equipment in your gym, simply scan the QR code for techniques and workouts.

Featured programmes & tailored programmes
Want to vary your routine? Why not try one of our ‘Featured Programmes’ – that can be edited to help you achieve specific goals. Or, try one of our bespoke, ‘Tailored Programmes’. Simply answer a series of questions about how many times you want to train per week, how long you want to train for, as well as what your goals are, and we’ll create a truly unique, fitness programme tailormade just for you!

GPS tracking
Track the distance, pace and MOVEs of your walk, run or cycle with our GPS function. Select ‘Outdoor tracking activity’ on the home screen, choose your activity and you're all set! You can even add a playlist!

Pair apps and wearables
Places Locker lets you bring together your centre activities with all other activities to build MOVEs and get the full picture of your activity. Sync with other applications such as Apple Health, Strava, MapMyRun as well as working with popular wearables such as SWIMTAG, Fitbit and Garmin.