Places Locker

Moving more

Let's take a look in your Places Locker.

It provides new workouts, challenges to take part in and quick access to online bookings.  Plus, you can pair it with a range of different exercise ‘wearables’ so you can track just how active you are.

Places Locker works best when personalised to your membership and centre.  We have a range of memberships to suit from Premium through to our free Places Membership (our pay as you go option) all of which qualify you for access to Places Locker.

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Measure your MOVES

MOVES are a measure of your daily physical activity. The more often and faster you move, the more you accumulate.  To be active you should aim for 750 moves per day.

Book classes online

Book and check availability of your favourite classes and courts – all on the move.

How MOVES are calculated

Unlike the number of calories burnt, MOVE scores are independent of body weight, gender or age; so they are a more effective way of comparing your activity levels to those of your friends.

Scientifically MOVES are a calculation of activity duration and intensity based on METs.  1 MET is equivalent to resting so the more active you are the more the MOVES you earn.

Find out how active you are:

  • LOW ACTIVE: 0-499 moves
  • MODERATELY ACTIVE: 500-749 moves
  • ACTIVE: 750-999 moves (this is your daily target to be considered active)
  • VERY ACTIVE: OVER 1000 moves
Pair outdoor apps and wearables

Bring together your centre activities with your outdoor activities to build moves. Places Locker will synchronise with other applications such as Apple Health, SWIMTAG, Strava, MapmyRun and Garmin as well as working with popular wearables such as Fitbit.

Compete in Challenges

With regular challenges available you can compete with other Places Lockers users.

View our extensive Exercise Library

With over 2500 different exercises, Places Locker knows the equipment available at your preferred Places for People Leisure Centre, and will tailor your workout to suit.


Getting Places Locker

Just by being a member you'll receive a personalised invitation to Places Locker.  This is our recommended route as we can match exercises to equipment in your centre and the link to online booking will be set up for you.  If you're not a member or linked to one of our centres Places Locker is available to download from the Apple Store and Google Play.