Congratulations Ruth & Nicola!

Tooting Leisure Centre's swimmers of the year

After a challenging 2022 we wanted to round the year off with some good news stories. We asked all of our Swimming and Gymnastics Teachers to nominate those distinctive, very special swimmers who deserved a bit of recognition.

They were asked to identify swimmers on our lesson programmes (children and adults) who have displayed positive attitudes, unyielding determination or, have put in efforts over and above their peers.  They may have overcome personal adversity or achieved something unexpected or challenging. 

Ruth - Tooting Leisure Centre's adult swimmer of the year 2022!

Ruth is a real asset to the class. She attends regularly and is building up her stamina and improving her stroke as a result. She has set up a WhatsApp group which connects and encourages the whole group to keep coming to the lessons!

Initially Ruth was frustrated at her lack of progress, however a visit to her doctor revealed a slight curvature in her spine. Just knowing that she had this condition freed her from her frustration and helped her to relax. By accepting that there was something different about her body, allowed Ruth to concentrate more on what she was actually achieving. As a result, Ruth and her colleagues have progressed from Beginner to the Intermediate class, and she is comfortably swimming a 33m length in front crawl and back stroke.

Nicola - Tooting Leisure Centre's junior swimmer of the year 2022!

Due to her outstanding effort, dedication and passion for swimming, Nicola has been awarded Swimmer of the Year! 

Nicola started swimming with me in 2012 and progressed steadily from stage 3 to the squad team where she swims now.

Nicola is a shining example for every new swimmer, in  technique, performance and  manner.    She loves to learn new skills and challenges herself to do better each and every lesson. She frequently assists me in demonstrating swim skills to the other children, is never late, always says thank you and if that wasn't enough, she helps with tidying up the floats after each lesson. 

Nicola is the fastest swimmer in all the squads that we teach, taking no more than 18 seconds to complete one length of the pool.  She can now also swim one and a half lengths (50 metres) underwater with just one breath!

Nicola has dedicated  herself to perfecting her  swimming for the last 10 years and deserves our recognition and admiration.

Nicola really is a swimming super star and I am immensely proud of her and all she has achieved.