Em is an experienced yoga teacher, with multiple advanced trainings and a passion for positivity. She has been teaching at the Pavilion studio since it opened in 2018 and has been coming to the Lido ever since she was a child! The lido is close to her heart and she adores teaching yoga over its waters. 

In terms of style, Em is primarily trained in vinyasa and ashtanga, with a precise physical and functional approach to yoga. She pays close attention to detailed alignment and muscular engagement, whilst still maintaining creativity within her sequences. Em has also completed specific training in yoga for beginners, seniors, injury management, anatomy and biomechanics. She is also currently studying a degree in Physiotherapy. 

Em’s classes are accessible for all. Modifications are always offered throughout for those seeking to take it easy, as well as more advanced options for those that wish to go further.  

Classes are £12 for individual sessions, or you can purchase cheaper multi-class passes for best value. 

Please book online at 

Email with any queries.  

Weekly schedule: 

Mondays 6.45pm-7.45pm Slow Flow Yoga As the name suggests this is the slower paced of my classes - best for beginners as the pace allows more time to learn poses and movement technique. Advanced yogis who like to take things slow are also welcome!  

Thursdays 6.45pm-7.45pm Dynamic Yoga A dynamic vinyasa flow, which is a little more demanding than the sunday vinyasa class. Good for those that like a little more challenge and intensity. Em usually teaches a theme from week to week which can vary from body area, peak yoga pose or philosophical principle.  

Saturdays 8.30am-9.30am Ashtanga Yoga This class is based on the traditional Ashtanga sequence. The class is challenging, but the majority of the poses are the same each week, therefore a good choice for those who like repetition and familiarity.  

Sundays 11.30am-12.30pm Vinyasa Yoga An intermediate level vinyasa flow. Em usually teaches a theme from week to week which can vary from body area, peak yoga pose or philosophical principle.  



Benchmark Gymnastics are delighted to offer Parent and Toddler Classes at Tooting Bec Lido.  You can book a taster for £6.50 by booking here 


Our British Gymnastics compliant programme at Benchmark Gymnastics was designed by two early year practitioners.  Our British Gymnastics Pre School qualified coaches who deliver the classes are very passionate about what they do and are always on hand to help and assist you with supporting techniques ,teaching children basic gymnastic skills through appropriate progressions. These classes are designed to support the key learning and developmental areas set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework(EYFS). We are always working closely with British Gymnastics to extend and improve what we offer. During classes the children, age walking to and their accompanying adults are transported into a world of adventure with our qualified pre school coaches who provide a safe, fun and stimulating environment in which to explore the activities together.  


Every week we look at a different theme, starting with discussing the clue found in the golden box. What will it be this week....? A fun, musical, interactive warm up follows which incorporates varying hand apparatus and action songs. Once thoroughly warmed up the exploration of the large apparatus follows, where the children have an opportunity to roll, balance, jump and move in order to enhance their development, as well as having an essential bonding time with their adult. We also use this as an opportunity to introduce life skills such as taking turns, sharing, etc. The session finishes with a cool down which includes bubbles ,action songs, music and more fun! 
The class is suitable for parents ,nannies and grandparents to bring their little ones.  We try to accommodate accompanying babies where possible and would suggest a taster class to see if the session will work for you. We have varying sessions at different times across our sites to help find a class that suits you. We look forward to meeting you and joining our growing number of parent toddler families. 



  • Tuesdays 9:15am - 10:00am (1-2 year olds) 
  • Tuesdays 10:15am - 11:00am (2-3 year olds)  
  • Thursdays 9:15am - 10:00am (1-2 year olds) 
  • Thursdays 10:15am - 11:00am (2-3 year olds)  



  • £30 per month (plus transaction fees) 
  • £15 Annual Membership (plus transaction fees) 
  • A taster session is £6.50 
  • A sibling discount on monthly class fees is available on request 



Meditation, Relaxation, Balance. 
New Beginners Courses starting in Tooting Bec – September 2019 
Develop calmness, relaxation & increase energy with guided sessions in a supportive atmosphere. 
Qu Gong & Meditation 
• Wednesdays 11.00am – 12.00pm 
Our beginners Course includes an introduction to Qi Gong, exploring core principles and various sets including the Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade. 
New courses start regularly. Visit our website for more information or call Derek to book your place today. 
Call Derek on 07957 430145 or email 




  • Mondays 9.00am 
  • Fridays 9.30am 

Contact Becky on 07909 910000 



Pilates and Core Strength 18.45 - 19.45. £10 per session booked in monthly blocks (June £40) 

This is in essence a Pilates class which will also include some basic aspects of Yoga, to build strength whilst increasing mobility and flexibility. My current clients who will attend this class are at an intermediate/advanced level. This class is suitable for anyone with a good level of fitness or who has a regular pilates/yoga practice. If you have an ongoing injury, the class may still be appropriate as I will always include modifications. £10 per class to be booked in monthly blocks of 5/6 weeks. 

I am an experienced teacher who has been running Pilates matwork and apparatus classes in the Furzedown and Balham areas for 17 years. 

For further information please Contact Sonia on 07812 110830 or 



 Join Katy Bateman for a relaxing evening finding space physically and mentally through movement, massage and mediation. Each session will start with a Slow flow yoga class- working on mobility and easing common aches and pains (shoulder / neck and back) leading onto a little self massage and closing with a guided meditation (Yoga Nidra) and Crystal singing bowls. Leaving you both stretched and chilled  - out! 


Katy is a Yoga Alliance registered Senior Yoga Teacher, certified Anusara Inspired®️ teacher and Therapeutic Thai massage practitioner. She has been teaching yoga across the UK and internationally for the past decade, and is passionate about offering inclusive, therapeutic and fun movement practices for everybody.  


Classes are open to all abilities, but please note if you have epilepsy, pacemakers or are in the first trimester of pregnancy sound healing is not suitable for you.  




Friday 8th @ 18:00-19:30 

Sunday 24th @ 17:30-19:00 



Friday 5th @ 18:00-19:30 

Sunday 21st @ 17:30-19:00 



Friday 3rd @ 18:00-19:30 

Sunday 20th @ 17:30-19:00 


Cost : £25 


Booking link : 



Pilates Workshop for Injury, Rehab, Postnatal and Sports 

12.30 - 2.30pm. Sat 9th October 2021 

COST £35  10% discount code for SLSC members  

Also £25 off classes  (see below) for anyone who attends the workshop and wishes to continue with classes.  


Includes an introduction to Janes Pilates Flow, a dynamic Pilates  style that improves posture, flexibility,  strength, power, co-ordination, balance and overall well-being.  


In this workshop Jane will cover the principles of Pilates, how it can help you with movement function, whether that's to help with posture, issues after child birth, recovery from sports injury or just as a start of a new wellbeing journey. Using tried and tested methods developed by Jane for improving posture, strength, power, co-ordination, balance and overall wellbeing. Learn techniques and take away exercises to help you strengthen core muscles throughout the body and work on muscle length, strength and balance. Jane Wakes Pilates Flow is a unique way of moving that put Pilates and other holistic disciplines together into a dynamic flowing sequence. In this workshop, after working on our own individual needs we will go through a Pilates Flow sequence at a slow pace so that you can get to know how to do each move effectively. This is great to do if you have never done Pilates before, have injury/muscle balance concerns or if you are new to exercise. We will provide some mats, yoga straps and bands but , due to covid, you may wish to bring your own.  



Pilates Flow at Tooting Lido Pavilion 

Saturdays 7.10 - 8am (please arrive around 7am for a prompt start at 7.10am)  

Wednesdays 12.30 - 1.30pm  


COST prices start from £11 per class - see website for individual details. 10% discount code for SLSC members  

Pilates Flow uses tried and tested methods developed by Jane for improving posture, strength, power, coordination, balance, and overall well-being. Also included are dynamic flowing sequences and martial arts inspired moves that are unique to Jane Wake's classes. Traditional Pilates is always at the heart of Jane’s Pilates Flow and, whilst this draws on jane’s wealth of experience from a multitude of disciplines, the principles of Pilates run strongly through each class.  

Pilates with Serena Joy Oliver

Pilates with Serena Joy Oliver - Perfect for swimmers and EVERY body


  • 07.00 - 07.55
  • 18.30 - 19.30


  • 07.00 - 07:55

Do you enjoy the benefits of Pilates classes and want to do more? Been told “you really should do Pilates…”? Feeling unsure about group exercise classes? Or wondering what all the fuss is about? Then come join us and improve your movement vocabulary.

Pilates and movement classes at the Pavilion will make you move more easily and enjoy moving more. Not only perfect for swimmers - classes are perfect for everybody! Click here to find out more about Pilates and cold water swimming.

Regardless of your current fitness levels, Serena’s fun, friendly classes focus on your physical abilities, reminding you of your movement possibilities. Challenge yourself safely and strengthen, lengthen and get more flexible in the spacious, ventilated Pavilion.

The ideal way to start your day... or escape the day's stresses. Price £12 (plus optional £2 mat hire). Second class free for NHS staff.

Serena has been practising Pilates for 23 years and teaching for more than 15 years. She completed the two-year, 1200-hour Pilates Foundation Comprehensive Teacher Training in 2006, but only discovered the joys of Tooting Bec Lido in 2020.

All classes must be pre-booked as numbers are strictly limited to maintain spacing and ensure you get the class your body needs. Visit the website or email to book your place.





The Tai Chi class at the Lido is on Wednesday mornings, 09.00am - 10.00am 

Taught by Kevin Devine, who has over 20 years of experience in Yang Family Tai Chi, you will learn the Tai Chi short form, Qi Gong and Shibashi exercises. Tai Chi has been described as a form of moving meditation and in doing these exercises you will learn to relax the body, calm the mind and strengthen the spirit. 

The class is very warm and friendly and there is no need for any special clothing or equipment, just something loose and comfortable to move in. 

The classes are charged at £11 for a drop in rate, or £38 monthly. 

If you have any questions of want more information then please contact Kevin, on 07785-525523. 

“Tai Chi Chuan, the Great Ultimate, strengthens the weak, raises the sick, invigorates the debilatated and encourages the timid” - Chen Man Ching. 

Relaxing yoga & Restorative Sound Bath 

Friday 27th May, 7.30pm - 9.00pm 

Begin with gentle, restorative yoga and breathing to settle you into a calm and restful state.  

Then just lie back and enjoy the healing sounds and vibrations of this sound journey to experience deep relaxation physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.  

Providing you precious time out to reset your body and mind for recovery and to feel recharged. Finishing off with a hot, soothing tea and nourishing nibble.  

  • What to bring : yoga mat / blanket/ small cushion/ optional eye mask & journal  
  • Wear : comfortable, warm clothes and socks  
  • Provided : eye pillows.  

About the facilitators: Anne Marie Hennessy is a movement facilitator, yoga, meditation and Pilates teacher. Likewise, as a Cognitive Behavioural Coach, she has run stress management and wellbeing workshops in London.  

For more info:  

Cathy Eastburn, Founder of Sarasa Sound, is a London-based sound therapist and musician. She runs therapeutic gong baths and chanting sessions in London, both for groups and individuals. Gong baths are an immediate and effective way to achieve deep relaxation and enhance well-being.  

Limited spaces, book now. For more information: 

Cost : £40 (Bring a friend discount) 

Contact: Anne Marie, 07891911306 or email: INFO@EVOLVEYOUNOW.COM