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A bit about badminton

Badminton is an easy sport to learn and can be a very social game.  The speed of the shuttlecock also makes this one of the quickest of the racket sports. It can be played at any pace making it enjoyable for all ages.  

Is a badminton court the place for you?

Badminton works your entire body as your legs are moving you round the court and your upper body helps you to hit the perfect return so it's a great all round workout.  You can play at different levels too so those wanting a lower intensity rally can catch up on the chat at the same time, but for others a competitive game may be the way forward.  Singles and doubles can be enjoyed depending on how many people are available.

Adult Social Badminton

Every Thursday between 8.00pm - 10.00pm. All abilities welcome.

£4.90 per person

Badminton Lessons

Day: Monday

Price: £24.38 per month Direct Debit 


Junior Beginner Course - 5pm - 6pm

Junior Improver Course - 6pm - 7pm

Junior Advanced - 7pm - 8pm 


Day: Tuesday 

Price: £24.38 per month Direct Debit 


Junior Beginner Course - 6pm - 7pm


Please contact a member of the team for further information or call us on 0118 979 1066.

Badminton and Places Locker

Places Locker is our app for all things active.  You earn MOVES for all the activity that you complete each week, build training programmes and book courts.  Did you know a one hour badminton session could earn you 1,167 MOVES. 

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