Smashing it

A bit about tennis

Tennis is a game of hitting a ball across a net between you and your partner.  Anyone and any age can play and it can be low or high intensity to suit you or your goals.

Is the tennis court the place for you?

Offering all round improved fitness, tennis also improves mental alertness and hand-eye co-ordination.  Playing doubles is great for social life and a chance to polish up your communication skills.

New to the game? Click here for a summary of how to play.

Play Tennis at our Pipbrook Courts

Book a court either online using the timetable below or give us a call on 01306 870180

  • Premium Member = FREE
  • Places Member £7.50 for 1 hour

Please ensure you bring a £5 deposit for the key. 

Please note unfortunately we do not offer rental for rackets and balls; however they are available to purchase at reception

Rackets - £17.50

Balls - £2.10

Tennis and Places Locker

Places Locker is our app for all things active.  You earn MOVES for all the activity that you complete each week, build training programmes and book courts.  Did you know a one hour tennis session could earn you 1,333 MOVES. 

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