JogOn Again

We're recycling 1 million trainers!

We are very pleased to announce we are working in partnership with JogOn to recycle 1 million trainers!

We now have our very own trainer drop off box stationed within our centre at the front of reception, this provides easy access to the public and means both members and non members within the community can make the most of the fantastic initiative. JogOn is a campaign run by founder Tony Piedade aimed at keeping perfectly usable running shoes out of landfill. We are thrilled to be working with them on this project.

General Manager Sean said

“ This is a great initiative that we are delighted to support.  I have no doubt that our members will support this with great enthusiasm.  As a prominent community asset, we have also strategically place the collection pods  by our reception, so that members of the local community can drop off their unwanted running shoes without having to enter the facilities”


Learn more about JogOn and their mission here