Trying something new

Here are the clubs that use our centre.


Barracudas (Disability Club)

Contact Mike Hill on 07754 786724 or


Mini Melodies

Contact Wendy Root on 07738 969957 or


Blackwater Triathlon Club

Contact Rowena DeBelligny on 07595 903330 or


GKR Karate

Contact Emma Smith - French on 07530 756634 or

More info is available here.


Grundy Park Gymnastics

Contact Tony Bushnell on 07729 626651 or


Higashi Karate

Contact Steve Gibbs on 07976 794911 or


Highrollers wheelchair basketball club

Contact Ricky Cahill on 07753 840084 or


Baby Ballers (Football)

Contact Sophie on 07538 882880 or
Click here for more info is available.


Saturday badminton club

Contact Nathan Langley on 07966 939038 or


Super Mumma Fitness (post-natal)

Contact Paul Lianne Barrow on 07718 135276 or


Maldon Sharks (Swimming Club)

Contact Rachel Brailsford on 07747 633041 or


Essex Jump Rope

Contact Leah Jewiss on 07442043338 or


Old Maldonians Badminton Club

Contact David and Richard Pipe on 01621 858325 or or