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Women and Weights (WAW)

In an intimate group of like minded women you will learn how to utilise the weights section with confidence. Over a 5 week period we will go through the muscle groups and learn effective exercises using the dumbbells, barbells, Olympic bar, and cables. The main focus of these sessions will be on form, and how to tailor exercises to suite you and help you achieve your goals

Course Content

Week 1: class room and Back focus – 1hr 30 mins

Learn the difference between compound and isolation movements, why we start with a compound exercise, the different muscle groups, how to structure a workout, what a split routine is and why do we use it, why rest is important, what eccentric and concentric movements are.

Learn conventional deadlifts, good mornings, landmine bent over rows and single arm rows.

Week 2: Leg focus – 1hr

Learn Hip thrusts, smith lunge pulses, bulgarian split squats and cable glute kickbacks.

Week 3: Chest focus – 1hr

Learn to bench, incline chest press, incline plate press, chest flies

Week 4: Cables- 1hr

Learn external rotations, face pulls, single arm lat pull, rear deltoid flies, chest flies and tricep kickbacks.

Week 5: arms & shoulders – 1 hr

Learn short head bicep curls, long head hammer curls, 21s,  tricep kickbacks, overhead tricep press, shoulder press, lateral deltoid flies, front raises


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  • Non Members -£60
  • Members – £50


  • Every Tuesday at 8pm for 5 weeks
  • Starting 14th September

By the last session you will have learnt:

  • What are compound and isolation movements
  • Why do we start with a compound exercise
  • What are the different muscle groups
  • How to structure a workout that best suites you.
  • How to get the best out of your workout
  • What is a split routine and why we use it
  • The importance of rest
  • What are eccentric and concentric movements