National Fitness Day 20th September

Everything you need to know!

National Fitness Day

On Wednesday 20th September come along, come along, join in the fun and try something new!

We’re running a variety of free activities:

  • Nutrition: 30 minutes of advice, for issues with menopause, weight loss, muscle grow and nutrition in general. The advice is personalized according with your needs
  • Mobility & recovery: 30 minutes of advice for those with body pains, posture correction, imbalance in their body, low back pain, etc. This advice will be personalized to your needs. 
  • 1:1 PT session: session of 30 minutes, to give you guidance to help you achieve your fitness goals
These sessions are for members without any additional cost
Appointments start from 18th to 21st of September to book, please call the centre on 01252 323482