Aldershot Lido Dog Day

Bring your pooch for a paddle!

Aldershot Lido Dog Day

Have a paw-some day at the lido with your pooch!

Update: We are now fully booked!

Dates & times:

  • Wednesday 6th September
  • 2.30pm - 4.30pm & 5.00pm - 7.00pm

Additional information: 

What to expect on the day

  • There will be a DJ playing music for family and friends to enjoy the summer vibes with their pooches 
  • Additional stalls, including; food, treats and accessories for your dogs 
  • A local dog grooming company will be offering discounted nail clippings for your pooches 
  • A raffle will take place, all proceeds will go to a local dog charity 
  • There will also be fun competitions to take part in with little prizes to be won!

Additionally we will be providing a taped off area, which will act as a toilet area for your dogs. A rinse station will also be available for your dogs if required. Waters bowls and poo bags will also be available

Please be advised of the following before attending the event

  • All dogs must be kept on leads when outside of the water
  • Whilst in the water it is the owner’s responsibility to look after their dog – note the maximum number of dogs per person is 2, and they must be supervised by someone that is aged 16+
  • It is the responsibility of the owner to not allow any dogs that are unwell or have a transmittable disease to enter the water - should we notice any signs of such you will be required to leave
  • Before attending, please ensure your dog is clean so that we can keep our pool fresh for all to enjoy
  • It goes without saying, dogs attending the event should be well behaved around other dogs and humans at the event
  • Bring your poop scoopers! Please pick up after your pups
  • Please refrain from bringing any dog food to the event
  • Please do not put your head under the water
  • When the day is done, wash yourself and your dog when you go home to remove any chlorine from the pool
  • You are attending this event at your own risk

And most importantly have fun paddling with your pooch!