Introducing Rise Gymnastics

Discover, explore, excel

When you watch gymnasts on the TV, usually at the Olympics, it can often feel a million miles away from anything we would ever try to do – or need to. But, did you know that the skills involved in gymnastics support many other sports and activities, as well as general life?

A highly motivating, well-structured gymnastics class can help lay the foundations for a healthy and active lifestyle. That foundation will not only help your child build strong and healthy bones, but increase flexibility, balance, coordination, and body strength as well as discipline, self-esteem, and social skills. Gymnastics also allows children the chance to think for themselves, stimulate their imagination, and solve problems in a safe and structured environment.

Our gymnastics programme follows the British Gymnastics’ newly launched, Rise Gymnastics scheme – a modern take on our wonderful, legendary sport. Children of all ages and abilities have the power to shine with Rise Gymnastics.


Designed in consultation with the gymnastics community, the programme is structured into three distinct learning phases - Discover, Explore and Excel – and brings gymnasts on a progressive journey, from their first steps all the way through to advanced skills.

One programme. Three Phases

Giving all gymnasts a fun, well-rounded experience from the very start.  The programme is designed to take gymnasts on a journey, from their first steps into gymnastics all the way to advanced skills, competitions, festivals and beyond. Children of all ages and abilities have the power to shine with Rise Gymnastics.  Phases include:

  • Discover - Preschool children experience gymnastics through imaginative play
  • Explore – School-aged recreational gymnasts build confidence and skills
  • Excel – Advanced and ambitious recreational gymnasts

Classes and session times vary per centre.  To find out more about Rise, enquire through your local centre: