Jump into Gymnastics classes

A great start to an active lifestyle for your child!

The NHS currently recommends that for optimum health, pre-schoolers (aged 3-4) should spend at least 180 minutes (3 hours) a day doing a range of physical activities. Children and young people (aged 5-18) should aim for an average of at least 60 minutes of activity a day, with a variety of types and intensities to develop movement skills, muscles and bones.

After over a year of national lockdowns, what could be more fun than hitting those activity goals with a motivating, structured gymnastics class that will not only help your child build strong and healthy bones, but increase flexibility, balance, coordination, and body strength as well as increasing discipline, self-esteem and social skills. Sounds like an easy win-win—a win for you as a parent/carer in helping your child to increase their activity levels, and, more importantly, a win for your child in helping them to set the foundations for a healthy and active lifestyle.

What is Jump into Gymnastics?

Developed by British Gymnastics, our Jump into Gymnastics programme provides a fun and structured introduction to gymnastics for 4–11-year-olds. The programme covers the very basics of gymnastics in a fun and challenging way across a range of gymnastics disciplines and includes a recognition programme for participants to work towards. Children start with the fundamentals and then work up to higher moves and skills working to forward rolls, cartwheels, vaulting and so on.

How long do classes last?

Classes last an average of 60 minutes and include warm-up games, three activities and cool down. Typical activities are based around the A,B,Cs of gymnastics—agility, balance and coordination.

Programme benefits
  • A structured and engaging programme designed for children to have loads of fun while learning the fundamentals of gymnastics
  • Our lessons are taught by fully trained and DBS checked instructors who are passionate about teaching gymnastics and focus on the fundamentals in a positive, encouraging way. 
  • Awards and certificates to keep children motivated
  • Improvement in flexibility, balance and coordination, as well as self-esteem, discipline and social skills
  • Our family-friendly programmes are convenient for busy family lifestyles

Students from Graves Health and Sports Centre show off their skills!


Where can the programme lead?

Hundreds of thousands of participants take part in gymnastics classes every week, some just for fun while others choose a more competitive route. Some move their interests to other sports while others remain involved in gymnastics their whole life. No matter how long your child is involved for, gymnastics has fantastic benefits both physically and mentally!

Nicola La Niece-Linton, Gymnastics Manager, says “Jump into Gymnastics is the ideal introduction into the fantastic world of gymnastics.  The programme is based around fun activities that help develop core physical skills that can translate across many sports and future activities.  We don’t require leotards or specialist equipment and all sessions are designed to be inclusive”.

Whether you’re jumping on the trampoline, swinging from bars or vaulting into the air, gymnastics teaches you to harness your inner strength and allows your body to do incredible things. We all know that exercise needs to be enjoyable. The more fun you have, the more likely you’ll make it a habit. When you’re learning new skills and achieving your goals with friends, it’s fun to stay active with gymnastics! Why not let your child give it a go, and Jump into Gymnastics today!

To find out more about Jump into Gymnastics, simply contact us.