St Crispin's transition of management

Information and FAQs

Following on from Wokingham Borough Council’s decision to transition the management of St Crispin’s Leisure Centre to Circle Trust (St Crispin’s School) by the end of March 2024, we want to reassure you of our commitment to the well-being and concerns of our valued members and colleagues as we navigate the next few months.

As much as it saddens us to be handing over a core part of the Places Leisure family, we respect and understand the council's decision. Moving forward, we want to make this change as seamless and positive as possible.

Tony Penge, Contract Manager, says " All members will be contacted via email with more details on the transition of St Crispin's and what the options are going forward. St Crispin's will always hold a special place in all our hearts, we will look back with fond memories and pride”

To understand what this means for you, please see the FAQs below. We will be emailing our members directly

Frequently asked questions

What does this mean for St Crispin's Leisure Centre?

St Crispin's Leisure Centre will no longer be operated by Places Leisure and will be managed by Circle Trust (St Crispin’s School).

We will be working closely with each Places Leisure colleague who currently works at St. Crispin’s with the aim to transfer to other sites within the borough or the wider company.

I have a membership at St Crispin's Leisure Centre, what will happen?

1. You can remain with your current membership which will be transferred to either Arborfield Green Leisure Centre or Ryeish Green Sports Hub at no additional cost to your current membership price.

2. You can upgrade to a multi-site membership, allowing you to access all our leisure centres within the Wokingham Borough, for an increased monthly price. 

3. You can choose to no longer retain your membership after XX March 2024. 

Please contact for further information on your membership. 

I have a Wokingham multi-site membership, what will happen?

As your current membership includes access to all of our leisure centres within the Wokingham Borough, we will transfer your membership to Wokingham Leisure Centre once St Crispin’s Leisure Centre closes in March 2024.

I am a Places Member (Pay as you go) at St Crispin's Leisure Centre, what happens?

Your Places membership allows you pay as you go access to all our leisure centres. We would love to welcome you at one of our centres nearby. Please click on the links below

 · Wokingham Leisure Centre

 · Arborfield Green Leisure Centre

 · Ryeish Green Sports Hub

 · Loddon Valley Leisure Centre

 · Bulmershe Leisure Centre

I run a club that hires St Crispin's Leisure Centre, what happens to my booking?

Our team will be in touch shortly and we will do our best to find space at one of our local centres or work with Wokingham Borough Council to find local alternatives. If you have any initial questions please contact Laura Mortimer by emailing –