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Lara's story - Cerebral palsy

My name is Lara and I have cerebral palsy. I don’t go to Billingshurst Leisure centre gym and pool because of my cerebral palsy, I go because I am just a person who wants to stay fit and healthy and of course it also helps my disability! The fact that I am a wheelchair user does not stop me enjoying exercise – it’s just a bonus that the gym helps with my mobility. If another disabled person coming into the gym sees me trying my best and having a good, fun workout then this may inspire them to do the same. This is another reason I stay motivated to keep going!

Ryan is my personal trainer at the Billingshurst gym. Ryan’s personal training sessions are really important to me as it is essential that I keep my strength and conditioning up to a good level. Ryan is great at helping me do this by tweaking my programme from time to time and making sure that I am progressing at a good rate. I would definitely recommend Ryan as a personal trainer. Ryan’s happy and friendly positive attitude makes me want to go back to the gym weekly to keep progressing.