National Share-a-Story Month

Your stories

Sharing your stories...

May is National Share-a-Story month – an annual celebration of the power of storytelling. While the celebrations are aimed at the little ones – we asked our members and employees to jump onboard and share their stories too!

We asked for short stories about what fitness means to them, and we received an overwhelming response back.

Without further ado, we are delighted to offer our platform for each of these inspirational individuals to share their stories and encourage those going down similar paths…

Adam Boult

Adam's story
Sarah Hague

Sarah's story
Clare McNally

Clare's story
Lee Irvine

Lee's story
Lara Sturgis

Lara's story
Rachel Buckley

Rachel's story
Laura Woodroffe

Laura's story
Hayley Gipps

Hayley's story
Patricia MacPhail

Patricia's story