Cultural survey

What is the culture like at Places Leisure?

We want your honest opinion on the culture at Places Leisure, and that’s why we are asking you to complete a survey today. The survey will ask questions to give us insight about how you feel the company culture is right now – so we can improve for the future.

There are no right or wrong answers and the responses you give are private, confidential and anonymous. The survey doesn’t ask for any personal information from you, only the location you work at. 

Company culture is all about practices, behaviours, and the company’s priorities, for getting people motivated and ‘on the right page’. The survey gives us the opportunity to understand what our current culture is verses where we want it to be.

Your responses you give will show if the company is parental or accountable, democratic or hierarchical, formal or informal and cautious or ambitious, plus more.

Thanks for taking the time to do the survey. Click the button below to complete the survey.

Cultural survey