80 Miles in May Challenge

Set yourself the challenge

National Walking Month takes place annually in the month of May.

Walking is something that all of us who can do so, do without thinking – we walk down the road to grab the daily paper or walk from bus to underground on our daily commutes. It’s a form of exercise and mode of transport that is hard to avoid!

When the pandemic forced us to isolate at home, walking was really a saving grace for many. Allowing us to get our blood pumping, have fresh air reach our lungs and allow our eyes to look around at the beauty in nature we have surrounding us. Not only encouraging us to stretch our legs and keep physical but giving our brains a reset too.

Walking helped so many of us to appreciate the small things.

As our normal lives have returned, many are still focused on getting those steps in. Whether your aim is 10,000 a day or a simple stroll at lunchtime, walking is undeniably good for you!

As Mental Health Awareness Month also takes place this May, and we know the positive impact movement can have on mental health, it just made sense to sign up for the Mental Health Foundation’s #80MilesInMay challenge this year. Each member of the Places Leisure Marketing Team will walk and/or run 80 miles over the course of the month and collectively raise money for those struggling with their mental health. 

Keep an eye out for our progress and sign up to the challenge at this link!

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