Cancelling your membership

Your options

Looking to cancel your membership? 

We'd hate to see you go! It may be that you aren’t hitting your goals, or that maybe it isn’t fun anymore. We think that’s our responsibility, so please talk to the teams first to see if they can help.

You might like to freeze your membership for a little while (up to 3 months) instead of leaving, especially if you're injured or have a medical condition. If you're moving away – why not look at our other centres and transfer your membership?

Contact your leisure centre to chat through your options.

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If you're set on leaving us, that's ok, here's what to do:

  • First check that you have completed your contractual minimum term - you cannot cancel before this period has ended. 
  • If you have, please notify us by email (using the link below) or by phone (01444 221052). You'll need to provide personal information and your membership ID, so please have that info to hand.

Cancel by email

  • Once you receive a cancellation confirmation email, you can then cancel your Direct Debit with your bank. 
  • Please note: Cancellations take up to 15 days to be processed. If you cancel less than 15 days before your next Direct Debit payment, you will be charged for the next period.

Swimming lessons and courses can also be cancelled using the same process. 

Places Membership

All cancellations are moved to our Places Membership, so you can still have Pay As You Move access to all our centres, including 8 days' advanced booking rights from the start time of your session. Prices are available on the timetables on the website. At any point you wish to re-join, simply ask the team or join online, using the email address you used originally.