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Whether you’re an adult, a child, or simply young at heart – learning to swim isn’t just a life skill, it’s a rite of passage to a new lease on life. And with over 240,000 children missing out on learning to swim due to the pandemic, there's never been a more important time to start. 

Learning to swim brings freedom, fun and endless opportunities to create lifelong memories in and around water - from summers at your local lido with friends, to family holidays at the beach, scuba-diving, canoeing, white water river rafting, paddle boarding, wind surfing and so much more!

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While there are many benefits of learning to swim, we know that learning from passionate and experienced instructors can make a world of difference. With the right instructor and individualised attention, swimming isn’t scary, it’s empowering. Here’s just some of what we offer:

  • Our lessons are taught by fully qualified swim instructors who are passionate about teaching water safety and focus on the fundamentals of swimming in a positive, encouraging way. 
  • Our family-friendly programmes are convenient for busy family lifestyles.
  • We are proud to follow the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework for adults and children. Please click here for more information.
  • Our free Course Hub allows you to track progress against the key competencies for each stage. 
  • We promote quality not quantity and we recognise that everyone is an individual and may progress at different speeds, but when they do, your child's progress will be acknowledged with awards from the Swim England Awards Scheme. Please click here for more information.
  • We offer an easy, monthly Direct Debit payment scheme.

So, whether you’re looking for lessons for your child or yourself, we’ve got what you need. You’re never too old - or too young- to learn to swim!

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