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The main inspiration for Su’s journey was the sudden realisation that she was getting older, and she was feeling quite unfit. With her worry being that she didn’t want to become ‘old age doddery’ and unable to keep up with her grandsons, Su started swimming last August at Wyre Forest Leisure Centre where she is exploring and ‘enjoying all the activities and the buzz it gives me.’

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In August 2022, Su started swimming in order to help improve her fitness, flexibility and also to help combat some of the deterioration due to arthritis. Mentally, the lockdown restrictions and their impact on social activities took their toll, causing her to feel as though she were in a bit of a rut ‘I was concerned that I was slipping into old age where previously age didn't limit me’.

Commenting on her fitness journey, Su said ‘I decided I needed to do more activity on a regular basis having enjoyed keeping fit previously. Swimming was a way of starting to improve without putting too much strain on my joints. Initially I did lane swimming, although this has not been a favourite activity in the past, I really enjoyed challenging myself on how many laps I could do.’

She progressed to joining the AquaFit classes and the Forever Active Aqua group and shows no sign of stopping ‘I plan to start going to the gym to improve muscle tone now I feel I have built some stamina. Having spoken to front line staff about the best way of starting, I will book a one to one with Tracy (recommended by another customer) who will be able to make sure I use the equipment best suited to my needs’

In her own words, Su says…

‘It’s the challenge and stimulation of being more active. I get such a buzz, it seems to give me an increased energy after the class and an enthusiasm for life. When I compare how hard it was when I first started to how easy it is now, I'm still amazed that age 67 I could make this sort of improvement. Both physically and mentally, I have regained a zest for life. 

I've met some lovely people in the classes and often sit and chat over a coffee after the daytime classes. The staff are all very helpful with advice and sorting out any problems - Emma has been especially helpful and is always cheery and willing to offer a hand. It is comforting to know they are there to look out for us oldies. 

I hope to remain a member into my dotage and have already noticed the excellent facilities to help me into the pool when I'm too old to manage’

We think Su is an inspiration to those looking to keep themselves active as they head into later life! Our centres offer not only a place where you can find an activity to suit you and your needs but also a social element with fellow members and staff. Su’s story is a testament to the fact that it is never too late to start your fitness journey and our team can’t wait to see her in the gym soon…

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